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This is the first FICTITIOUS LP, featuring 20 tracks from our various producers, with lyrics by the Elegant Eccentric and Christi O'Donnell


released March 15, 2010

Beats by, Rixe, Rick Nobbins and Christi O'Donnell (Rare Pop Records) Mastering and Mixing by Christi O'Donnell



all rights reserved


FICTITIOUS Seattle, Washington

FICTITIOUS does not exist. They make their presence known as an idea. Hailing from all over the country the members joined together as a collective with the goal of planting intelligence and poetry into the hip-hop structure. FICTITIOUS spins narratives centered around characters from all walks of life. By observing and dissecting that which isn't us we define that which is. ... more

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Track Name: Walk w/ Us
Cause we walk to our own rhythm
Write our own beats
we compose our own thoughts you don't tell us what to think
We're Fictitious, and we won't ever sink
We're Fictitious, and we're standing on the brink

1st Verse

I'm jaywalking with jabbawockies and wookies who mistook me for a myth
To go see Scylla and Charybdis
The barbiturates are wearing off to quickly
when I got kicked in the shin by that bitch maid Quixote

If you couldn't tell I'm obviously joking
and I'm smoking within 25 feet of the entrance
With Ra and Bacchus and we're all feeling festive
We arrived in time to see Ares get arrested

2nd Verse

You should never lend binoculars to cyclops for obvious reasons
and don't give Atlas daps no matter how much it would please him
but always drink with satyrs cause they tell the funniest jokes when it comes to vegans

Tyrannosaurus or Oedipus Rex, I'd rather hang out with the motherfucker talk about sex
I think the other one would just generate stress
Like trying to go hiking with the monster from Lough Ness

I got bitch slapped by Isis in the Age of the Pisces
Why, cause Osiris didn't like me
At least I didn't bring up the incest
Cause Horus would've been really pissed and then kicked me in the chest
Track Name: Ode to Idiots
This is simply idiocy married to reciprocity
sibilant soliloquies marching with animosity
Lets burn these effigies and sing an ode to epiphanies
And put an end to this era of getting props via infamy

1st Verse
I hear so many rappers call down the name of god
Then rise from the pew and slang crack rocks on their lawn
I guess I missed that verse in the bible or the quran
Now the sanctity of religion has been wrapped into a bomb

You think you're a savior cause you hustle instead of labor
right beside the people you exploit while chasing your paper
Heroes aren't defined by making product into profit
Nor by the number of guns you have locked inside your closet

I see cats scrapping across the map of this continent
If you fight to look tough you ain't nothing but incompetent
And how come you fucks are all in love with these guns
When we all agree they're responsible for killing our young

2nd Verse
I'm not tough immortalize myself with a pen
Never been a thug why got more than pride to defend
I trust in my friends never in some out dated book
And what I say in the verse isn't contradicted in the hook

You took what you never gave all you ever gave was sorrow
You raped the community thinking it'd be shipshape tomorrow
If you don't wanna lead then never follow a leader
Who only wants to lead because he knows that you will follow

No sheep no shepards just lepers and kings
good days bad weeks and everything in between
good jobs bad pay and some fucked up dreams
Preparing us for dawn and what that new day brings
Track Name: Dark Numbers
There's three hundred and sixty five reasons why I was born third
On the first day of the twelfth month
In the one thousand nine hundred eighty fifth year, in the 20th century
And they still don't mention me

1st Verse

The last can be first if the last cast the first stone
In a family of four the third born could be the first to show
98 problems and 102 solutions
There's 206 bones under this cutaneous tissue

And 52 weeks have passed more than 18 times
The sum of which divided a 20 somethings hindsight
26 letters multiplied equals an entire language
There's less numbers in pie than times words have been dangerous
Cantankerous minutes cavort in groups of 60 or more
That's 5 dozen reasons not to be seen anymore

If I could multitask monocular vision would have held me back
And since I can't I'm able to stay focused on the right track
With ten digits on two hands I wanna build a million chances
That'll use one voice to fill the worlds chasms

2nd Verse

A stitch in time saves 9 add one more stitch to the line
and you create a scar that lasts for 50 years time
4 score and 7 years ago when the stock market collapsed
My 3 old grandpa was counting sheep in his mothers lap

The great war had ended and it pretended to be the last
More than 100,000 Americans were interred into the past
My grandpa had five children my other was the fourth
My family of five minus one, she was the unstoppable force

My first lesson in math was a pure product of divorce
father minus mother equals a child that laughs like a corpse

3rd Verse

Ice ladened figures sit amidst the figure 8's
Figuring that if they ate they'd have nothing left to hunger for
Hate was 86ed before it even came through the door
But its two cents assaulted the 5 senses of a young child

Who could count to 22 38 and with his guile
place a decimal point and turn those numbers into guns
The 12 step process for violence is never fun
And the baker was drunk that's why his dozen was wrong

What's priceless to you is really worthless to god
I've never been good with numbers so i'll stick to writing songs
Track Name: Hindsight

When I look back I can say that I tried
When the road was rough I enjoyed the ride
Made some mistakes but I took em in stride
I mean what was supposed to do roll over and die

1st Verse

My elders and betters said I'd never go to college
matriculated graduated now I got the knowledge
My ex-girlfriends said I was headed to prison
but I'm still in wool pants feeding bread pigeons

An old room mate said I'd probably die from doing drugs
hate to disappoint you but there's air lungs
a cop once said that I need to grow up
I should be like him but I don't drink that much

I once got fired called a thief and a liar
but the man was just a boy and I call no one sire
I took the road less traveled and then covered my tracks
so I won't let the weight get heavy on my back

Had an old room mate say I abuse women
while he wears his girl like a medal that he's winning
If you wanna beat my ass because of my rhymes
That's fine pack a lunch and go to the back of the line.

2nd Verse

Buckle down get a job that's how it is
But why work for you when I'm good at doing this
So i spit puns, then sit and hope for income
with my boys at my back I know Imma get some

I'm on the run but I don't know what I'm running from
Writing down my stories and all the things I woulda done
If I'd only listened and then put it in park
Coulda been another fish in a tank full of sharks

Wanna prove my worth by claiming some greatness
I don't make it complex I keep to the basics
But face it the faceless wanna erase it
take it sedate it make it something shapeless

I wasted some time so I'm picking up the slack
and I tasted victory and I liked the snack
and I worked to hard just to lie down and crack
I'm the Elegant Eccentric the cause of the blow back

I'm only 23 and I'm already tired
yet restive congestive and mentally wired
one day at a time I watch my life go by
yeah the heads and the tails conjoined by the dime

Musics a coin toss but like an albatross
I'll be ahead of the ship by the time the storms cross
and regain my bearings if I ever get lost
and proceed into the future no matter the cost

Cats claim crew and then turn tail and run
If I catch an ass whooping I'll just laugh when it's done
My name's Dub-E gotta spitfire tongue
walk along a knife, not a round in a gun

If you think this songs about you it probably is
it's also an anthem for the hip-hop kids
a song to smoke weed to and raise your fist
and say fuck cops gangs and the establishment.
Track Name: Factual Intro
1st Verse
Grab a pencil with fingers prehensile
Words are really just elaborate stencils
That we use all the time repeatedly constantly consistently
Just to say the same things differently

Systematically perpetually eventually
events that we see slowly become history
encapsulated in the space between the pages
stored in stories told to all ages

Fate cast the play so get up and act
Fictitious wrote the lines and that's a fact

2nd Verse
Stand up sing along you know how it goes
The Elegant Eccentric pretentious flows
The precedent code won't let us go
Cause the status quo don't support quid pro quo

They want something for nothing got another thing coming
cause I won't sell out and start to shell out
a bunch of shout outs to all the hell hounds
that are wasting their time trying to tell me what to rhyme about
Track Name: Step Back
I make music solely for these scared little kids
To try and teach em how hard this life truly is
If you're a disenchanted youth frustrated and pissed
still sitting on his front porch trying to spit
man it ain't in my blood to be a pacifist
so it's time to step up and say this to the rich

Step Back
Shut the fuck up and get back in line
That's that
everything you thought you had is still mine
Step Back
quickly cause I think you're running out of time
Fuck that
you hate your life so stay outta mine

From the Rez I traveled on roads of gravel
And scrambled over ample land samples
Lit a candle so this mammal could handle the darkness
My childhood has left me heartless
Never gave a fuck or begged your pardon

I'll never say I'm sorry for all the shit that I've done
This is my life mother fucker and I'll live it how I want
So I won't bow down like a pussy in front of your gods
I wanna show that he's neglectful and expose his facade

You only live once so this is the only chance I've got
To achieve the dreams that I've so deperately sought
It makes my heart stop to hear that a friend got shot
I'm fucking serious brian you gotta knock that shit off

Sometimes I get so stressed that I ingest some pot
So I don't fucking care if people think I'm the best or not
Man, I kidnapped freedom of speech and don't plan on getting caught
cause I'm tired of being measured by what I ain't got

Be aware it's apparent that we're judged by what we do
It doesn't matter what the fuck you parents supposedly did to you
and self awareness is a power that's only granted to a few
that's why so many people in this country ain't got a clue

They don't understand the fighting won't stop until we find someone to trust
cause this world was built by people like us
We're the faces on the bus and the kids in handcuffs
we're the young punks calling out all of their bluffs

We never gave up or said enough is enough
Even when we were in jail and addicted to drugs
Now wielding the sword covered in the dust from the past
So my last message to the rich is shut the fuck up

And take a step back!
Track Name: Yo HOEmie!
If you're pissed off and poor yo come and stand up
If you need another drink yo put your hands up
Yo I ain't rap tough so stand up and hands up
You feeling what I'm spitting yo homie what's up

E-L-E-G-A-N-T-E-C-C-E-N-T-R-I-C it's the Elegant Eccentric

1st Verse
Yo back in the day when I was adolescent
before that thug rap and that bullshit flexing
you were actually held responsible for the answers to the questions
and you had to know the game learn rules and have the lessons

Politicians don't listen
and the rich keep bitching
and they're switching their position faster than snitches in prison
I don't believe in real life man that's why I'm Fictitious

I work out all day and got nothing in my pockets

2nd Verse
I rowel up the crowd get em amped pissed and loud
conversing through vibrations transmitted through the ground
corruption and serenity created through this sound
while honor and respect try to regain their lost crown

Star studded after being struck by a comet
my sentences are punctuated only with commas
if you see me in the crowd I generally have no comment
If you don't like my style it's just cause it's uncommon
Track Name: Charity Crowell
We the people have something to say
We are America and we won't go away
We're the faces that you see when you take your detour
You took away our homes, we're the working poor

1st Verse

Her name is synonymous with the word mercy
Tender age of nine she's treated mercilessly
Wearing a purple skirt a taxed smile on her face
She glares at the board as she tries to stay awake

In the wake of foreclosure life feels like a wake
and the weight of her books makes her take a second look
At a country full of patriots composed out of crooks
Mistook the reflection as the face of good faith

Focused on her lessons as we bailed out the banks
Got median grades as the government walked away
I understand the pain cause I've felt it to
Chin up sweetheart and don't let none trample you

Your dreams are achievable believe this MC
They'll guide you through the night when it's too dark to see
They'll give you the strength when you ask 'Why Me?'
They'll support you when you're weak so never stop fighting

2nd Verse

I thought this was the land of the free home of the brave
Not the origin of greed and the underpaid
When families go to bed in the shadow of an underpass
It's time to burn the gallows and escape the past

The shallows are the bed in which we tuck in our dreams
No beds of our own is it as bad as it seems
Yes, when the feds don't protect the kids
There's a serious defect and we know what it is

We don't have a lobby, our interests aren't special
Rebuilding our community's considered detrimental
The term homeless student makes me want to go mental
They're the future of our country man you think they'd be gentle

Close the recruitment centers before the schools
Here's a problem fix it and ignore the rules
And quit raising funds to run a campaign
Use that money to save a kid who's running on a fan blade

3rd Verse

This song's about a little girl I don't even know
The only thing we have in common is the bank took our homes
The only difference is they took mine when I was older
I don't want this little girl to be another soldier

Hey yo, I can't move these boulders by myself
I'm just a storyteller man I need a little help
I'm not a legislator all I have is a vote
So I'm doing my job and they're just rocking the boat

A country apart but we're both American
And hopefully we can teach our countrymen to care again
Stare at friends and strangers and see them as the same
One tribe, one country, and millions of names.
Track Name: Anger
Anger nah that ain't strange to me
Like rage increasing dangerously
With a tongue made of fire put the demons to sleep
and I only feel at peace when I'm trapped in a beat
Drums start to pound with the sound of war
rise from the ground and growl and roar
I'm the Elegant Eccentric a son of the poor
And I set my sights now I'm settling the score

Sometimes I get so angry that I don't know what to do
I wanna hit random people who look similar to you
So I just isolate myself and take hits inside my room
See you ain't like me and neither is your crew

People hear the music then they start to criticize
I don't fucking care what you really think about my rhymes
Homie I don't have the time to sit and listen to your notes
Nope You ain't my friend so I could care less if you choked

1st Verse
Bills sent to collections with these sections of my life
and the hard times are amplified by working just a part time
No I'm not a gentleman that's why I write these harsh lines
and No I won't help you just because your car died

You get what you give so I should give weed to kids
and then get ridiculed for insidiousness
and still my turn my back on you idiots shit
I'm just another rapper with a good idioms bit

I won't get rickety lickety split See
i'll still be spitting sick while flipping you shit
and every minute that I'm in it I'll be smashing you mimics
until you understand intelligence is not a fucking gimmick

Oh so vicious and malicious on this mission
wishin that you bitches would just shut up and listen
and then play your position for just a couple more minutes
cause I went the fucking distance and I still ain't finished

2nd Verse
This is how it's done see this is how you do it

Man shut your fucking mouth and just let me make music

But dub if you don't man it might be confusing

Good I never wrote rhymes to satisfy the eunuchs

But what if all the people start to laugh and jeer

Then fuck it man I'll make my fans rant and cheer

But what about those who talk shit about your beats

They can open their mouths and lip lock the streets

Dub I gotta say i think you gotta lotta problems

I'm well aware of that and I solve em with these raw puns

Do you even have a brain I don't think you got one

No I gotta mind to blow but don't have a shotgun

Why you so full of animosity and anger

Because of stupid questions being asked by strangers

I heard a cat say you rhyme the same words twice

It's a play on words and I'm done playing nice.
Track Name: Give Me The Hey
I'll try to spell it for you but the spell that I've cast
Does not reflect the sentiment that's felt by the rest of the cast

1st Verse

I write these stories from beginning to end
With the liquid ink that is sitting in my pen
Then apply my rhymes to this beat from a friend
I'm outta my mind got no need to pretend

I've defend the den while you fan the flames
You can shake some hands while I rock the stage
Stun the motherfuckers leave em all amazed
It was done in a minute but it felt like days

The hands of the clock incessantly tick
They're spinning so fast that it's making me sick
While the face looks on with a devilish grin
It's the ref in a game that I cannot win

If I save some time does that mean it's not wasted
Another situation man fuck it face it
Speak in double time with a troubled mind
and try not to mumble or fumble a line

Stumble in the rubble til I find what's mine
and when the bubble bursts I'll fall head first
and search through the dirt and observe my worth
Compose a new verse and begin to rehearse.

2nd Verse

Bring it right back with a brand new sound
Give me the hey and I'll take this town
Talk about crowns but i really hate royalty
Rap for the people my boys and loyalty

Syllables and plans are not airtight
And I'm not surprised that's not a fair fight
I love my fellow man so I share my rights
Just don't get high if you're scared of heights

Stories come alive in the light of a fire
I write these rhymes for the sore and tired
Not for the core of the sorrowful liars
For those who built but don't live in the spires

Political, nah, Pivotal, yeah
Plots equivocal, good god damn
Told to sit so I chose to stand
Told not to spit but there's a mic in my hand

Spike in the plan, new sight in the land
conform, confine two cons with a scam
Heard the song and say 'shoot that man'
But I'm still at large with my crew and fam

F to the I C T I T I
O to the U S spells the best
D to the U B hyphen E
That is the equation that equals me

E to the L E G A N T
E double C add another E
Attach an N move on to the T
and the R I C now leave me be
Track Name: Specters
Avian barbarians robbed her of sight
The flesh of mother earth let her see in a new light
Bleached bones and grinning skull
Running from the spirits and the childrens souls

1st Verse

As she slept she resembled a corpse
So the crows turned their heads to her eyes for the main course
Killed the birds and used the earth for eyes
And then saw the silhouettes of all the men who have died

Skeletons feasting while fighting duels
But the tears of a child can't confine the ghouls
Screams as the specters emerge from streams
But she's gotta stay awake has no use for dreams

Vacant eyes stare hard enough to break ribs
Haunted and daunted by the ghastly visions
Family transformed and are now apparitions
Speaking in whispers so the dead will listen

2nd Verse

Malevolence rose up murdered her innocence
A berserk usurper obsessed with dissonance
Claimed the throne with a sardonic grin
Raised a hardened arm 'Let the games begin'

The crows began to laugh as they held their post
As she searched help from the east to the west coast
Constantly pursued by the whispers in the wind
The sisters of ghosts with eyes of sin

Had to keep going she couldn't look back
Every road that she chose turned out to be the wrong track
Searching for a place to hide or go to bed
But you can't outrun the army of the dead

3rd Verse

Eulogies written and used as war chants
Sore hands clutch fresh flesh for a poor chance
Trying to grasp what they used to have
From a scared little girl running through the world in torn pants

Where's the safety, where's the sanctuary
Can't be at home cause now that's a cemetery
Her teddy bear and star spangled back pack
Got torn and strangled and then turned into ash

She braided her hair on the day this all happened
Drew a self portrait with a sketched in caption
Whoever finds this, please send help
I can't save a dead world all by myself.
Track Name: Layers of Me
Please don't pray for any layer of me-hello can you hear me
I'm not a soothsayer all I have are pleas-hello can you hear me
And pleading for a pardon's even harder for me-hello can you hear me
And it seems misleading has become a part of me-hello can you hear me

1st Verse

I'm perched upon a perch that's composed out of earth
I search to unearth curse verse after verse
unsure of its worth but sure I want it first
To insure it's not worse than my current course of action

Passion and ambition all converge in Fictitious
No division in the vision as long as the people listen
For too many nights I have stared at this screen
As a mime giving voice to a silent scream

I wish I was religious cause then I could just confess
Forget my surroundings I'm a product of stress
I'm blessed to have support for every layer of me
From my wife to my fam to the H.O.E.

2nd Verse

I'm partial to parcels adorned with partial postage
Impartial to the marshal and his cart full of motives
the darkness of the marsh will tarnish the votives
the voters chain smokers stock brokers and homeless

Layer after layer false prayers and cancer
the traitors hurled darts at my back for the answers
Taskmasters, whack rappers and actors
who couldn't capture even a fraction of the fractures

No factors or components in the hands of opponents
Bone to skin consists of sin and I don't condone it
I just acknowledge it make the decision to own it
and bear it upon my shoulders as a form of atonement

Find an idle stone it while you're wild and cogent
Each moment's potent amplified by the potion
Emotions shouldn't influence any proponent
but they do, shattering the hopes that I'm holding

3rd Verse

I'm deaf in one ear but I'm not blind period
Periodically imperial for a period
Meaningful hearings sadly aren't perennial
Could you hear me if I was more than terrestrial

Vestal confessions make impressions venereal
Carefully carrying heartfelt material
I'm a variable with no heart to feel
No spark to steal yo start the reel yo

and reel in reality so we can stop reeling
from the surface to the ceiling I'm still hurting from feeling
chronically flirting with the dealings of death
biologically faulty epitome of a guess

A guest in this flesh and a pest of a ghost
Incubator for the disease for whom I play host
the layers of me or liars for crones
but do I exist-nope
Track Name: Maybe I Should
So many things I could write about
But what could I write to make em shout out loud
Pay it no mind Penn put the pen down
And pen a new line that'll amp up a live crowd

1st Verse

Maybe I should write a song about my father
Than I think to myself why bother
I would rather grow up as a bastard
Then see my mother get abused and battered

There's broken homes and those that were shattered
And I think that I grew up in the latter
Climbed the ladder then I couldn't get down
and the higher ups told me not to make a sound

I get angry when I start to remember
The child born dead on the first of December
and maybe that's the reason why i can't relate
Cause on my first day I met fate

A walking corpse for most of my life
Until I found peace in the arms of my wife
But a piece of me was left on that table
And it condemned me to live this lifelong fable

2nd Verse

Maybe I should write a song about being a kid
About a time when I could actually grin
When I played the game and thought I could win
Burnt the cards and then turned to sin

Never had friends so I had to pretend
That I wasn't hearing voices inside of my head
And then one day a counselor called me crazy
From damage I sustained from my days as a baby

Maybe just maybe I could live and learn
And quit swimming laps in an underground cistern
and then smoke herb with my brother and sister
Meet lady luck and get the chance to kiss her

My mother was the one who taught me to dream
It's about trying hard and not what you achieve
Take your scars and make em marks on your sleeve
Cause it's rare to get a second chance to breath

3rd Verse

Or maybe I should write a song about you
You went to school and still don't have a clue
About how your dad never had the time
and how your clever mama couldn't speak her mind

About how you never been in a fight
And that's the reason why you drink all night
Gotta be drunk to relate to others
Cause you can't get a sober chick between the covers

Any ex-lover could see your facade
So you turned away and placed your faith in god
Married for a year and now divorced
And labeled as a slut by your former cohorts

What's your defense oh you like abortions
Feel like you didn't get the proper porportion
Stop telling everybody that you're special
Go cry yourself to sleep in your run down rental.
Track Name: Dream vs. Sin

Pay no attention to my rhetoric
Read my body language so you can get the sense of it
Words on flesh have always said it the best
And If you don't wanna be overheard then don't talk with the rest

1st Verse

She had dream tatooed on the inside of her arm
while he had sin inked on the back of his hand
both of their names were scrawled in the sand
They were waiting for the tide to come and wash away their plans

Wait-there's gotta be better way gotta be another path
each letter led to a clash
She had five he had three lovers quarrel I'll let you do the math

Living in this city they drink rain water
They can't shoot the moon so they shoot the clouds
They don't even notice when the sun comes around
and they feel superhuman when their tat's read aloud

What-should been done wasn't
He moved outta state she moved in with her cousin
Done-was the only word that the situation could summon

2nd Verse

Love- is the only thing absent
Dependence is present while they're sipping their absynth
Sin-is evident every time he takes a sip
She can't escape the fact she hates him

Waiting all night for a call or a visit
and when the phone rings she checks it and it isn't him
Dreams-obscured by a veil of cotton
At times she thinks that they're to damn rotten

Then she pulls up her sleeve to the letters gleam
The D to the R the E to the A M
She wishes she could say they'd never be hidden again
But then she'd be lying to you and all of her friends

Work-says they could care less
But teachers and parents all say it's proof that she's careless
Torn between original thought and group awareness
She's chasing the ghost of that thing we call fairness

3rd Verse

Right Now-finished witnessed by the rain clouds
and she wonders how she's gonna keep the pain down
it's the same crowd pointing fingers from the time before
when sin held the upper hand and pinned her to the floor

No-she would scream in his face
cause sin plays a hand when dreams are getting erased
It was that hand-that misplace her plans in the first place
and burnt her aspirations in the worst way

first day back on what she deems the right track
Bruised but not broken she decides to fight back
The light in her eyes sheds light upon the lies
and helps to find the house in which redemption lies

Found true focus it's what the locusts lack
No hocus pocus just hopes inside a knapsack
Sins diminished and she's glad for that
cause she finally found love in letters of faded black
Track Name: Self Expression
This is not illusions
this is not for students
this is not outlined in the lines of your blueprints
this is self expression conducted through music

1st Verse
The ability to speak doesn't mean you have something to say
presuming you have knowledge of the choices I've made
assuming I'm only using music for satisfaction and play
man I never play with words I use words to play

The plays that I see never the plays that I do
I make this music for friends family and crew
few options hypotheses or postulations are waiting
when evaluations are taking place in the present

So I present presents in the form of my presence
the essence of my self that I seem to melt into a sentence
my tested defenses have left me relentless
restless to leave all of these critics breathless

I say what I want and deal with the repercussions
verbally vicious but funny like severe concussions
functions fulfilled I proceed to the junction
of geniuses and seamlessness

The facetiousness brings out the beast in this piece of shit
at least I'm not leashed to it not in the least bit
I feasted on the festering flesh of what you call art
Learned what I could and then tore it apart

From the start the sharks and narks have parked to listen in
fucking pissed that it don't sound like that hipster bullshit
this is Dub-E rhyming oh so flawlessly
I'll hop mc's that think of stopping me

3rd Verse
Here's the plans now get back to work
and then work on the plans to make sure the plans work
and If you don't plan to work then you got no plans at all
cause the man keeps you down with a hand on his balls

Smoke in his mouth choking camel uncouth
as a disheveled leper colonies lost and found
my feet don't pound the ground in pedestrian farewells
cause I'm running counter clockwise on playground carousels

Yet ostracized as some kind of terrorist cell
Another embarrassment bearing the title of American
put him on display people are sure to stare at him
and see him on the streets and then be scared of him
Track Name: Pandora
Her name was Pandora the aurora of the gods
She was gifted by the members of the Pantheon
The worlds first woman and biological weapon
Sent to Earth with curiosity, urges and many questions
She's a mirror for man to see his reflection
No box, pithos, not a vehicle for infection
As man looked on to the smooth face a of well
He knew the evil had always been inside of himself

1st Verse

First off lets start with this myths instigation
When Prometheus stole fire and gave it to mortal nations
Chained to a mountain top he thought it was done
But then Zues called on his disfigured son

One eyed Hephaestus rose and got to work
Sculpting with the flesh of Gaia to create his fathers curse
The other gods gifts were immeasurable in worth
and they weren't physical, they existed as lessons

Hermes gave guile and the need to receive confession
Aphrodite gave grace applied cunning to her face
Athena taught the sewing of fabrications in place
and Zeus said 'Go! and let man be erased'

2nd Verse

She has sheer guile that's not to be withstood
She's a beautiful evil thats been misunderstood
People stood by as their hearts seemed to stop
She kept her eye on her mother so as not to betray the plot

From her is the race of woman and female kind
of her is the deadly race of matriarch tribes
these are the lies that lie within mankind
as they spend their last minute of living in stand by

Her eyes began to rise like mirrors they were
Man sensed something sinister but couldn't be sure
How could demons live inside something so pure
So mankind began to fight for the attention of the first her

War was heard, herds died and the plagues set in
and man began to gamble with wagers of sin
Anger, jealousy, anxiety we couldn't win
and the sound of a woman crying rose above the din

3rd Verse

Disease running rampant like water from broken levies
And for the first time man felt the effects of envy
Detected defects and found guilt to be heavy
Now he's ready and willing to practice the art of killing

Shrilling sirens have replaced the previous silence
and the connoisseurs have developed a taste for the violence
The tyrants will rise only to execute the saints
And the tides will ebb so the dead can give thanks

Amidst this maelstrom Pandora stood alone
So scared and confused she had nowhere else to go
The peasants in the fields and the men on the thrones
Were all focused on her and beginning their approach

With naked swords they measured a length of rope
She stood frightened eyes closed with tightened throat
Then man heard the truth even though no one had spoke
She who brought them strife had also brought them hope
Track Name: Hidden Tao
Read, think, talk, or fight
breathe, speak, walk, or write
Laugh like you did as a girl or boy
Cause it's the little things in life that have brought me joy

1st Verse
Stooped on my stoop just me and my cigarette
trying to disentangle my limbs that are caught up in this net
The best and the worst stand side by side
like two sides of a coin that don't see eye to eye

Smoke starts to writhe and dance around my fingers
and I know that I'll never be the best rap singer
Really doesn't matter cause the matter at hand
Is bi-pedal locomotion all over this land

Continents shift the earth can change
but the streets on the hill all stay the same
the young grow old while the strong grow weak
and my heart palpitates in time with the beat

Prevail or fail or scale the wall
then fall and say you don't care at all
I won't point fingers or ask any questions
just talk to the sidewalk about my confessions

I write, therefore I am
but my ability to think is what makes me a man
if you don't wanna stand then take your seat
and simply nod your head along with the beat

2nd Verse
The wind will blow, the sun will shine
so don't let anyone tell you how you should rhyme
I speak my mind and when my mind is gone
I go outta my mind with these mindless songs

I don't even rap I just speak to beats
and tap out morse with my tongue and my teeth
you'll recognize my boys cause they're dressed in green
Cap hill neighborhood since 2003

Let he without sin yo throw the first stone
cause I gotta lotta stones that I'd like to throw
I won't wait in waiting lines just to get my lines heard
As I gravitate between the steps and the curb

with two of my fingers yo i clutch my smoke
even as my lungs burn and the camel starts to choke
I'm content holding my personal crematorium
while day dreaming about playing packed auditoriums

3rd Verse
The harlequins can travel with parliements and camels
and pardon them for charming all the kids with their babble
Barbarous cartons contain nicotine
thread a camel through a needle and you have an IV

Chain smoking freely Harvard Ave, PEACE!
with a pen and some paper and a beat from the east
and the tale from two cities form the tail of the beast
When Nobbins and Dub pull up chairs to the feast
Headphones, backpack and I'm ready to go
Use books to time travel when I'm trapped at home

The Invisible Man helped me step out the crucible
And Jitterbug Perfume made language sound musical
American Gods have never been so dutiful
Fictitious and Fact become equally crucial

The imagination won't ever challenge the intellect
If nurtured with love and mutual respect
It'll forge curiosity, allow you to reflect
and expose nuances you wouldn't otherwise detect, yo!
Track Name: FICTITIOUS Outro
I may be on stage but I'm not rocking a clown suit
Not obsessed with my image I'm not one to talk down to
A modern day wordsmith allergic to cursive
A nerd burned in effigy with the whole herd there to curse him

First and foremost give me daps and then back off
Secondly a sweet shot of whiskey for this bad cough
Third another shot and a beer for my boy
Four glasses and a pitcher and we're ready to deploy

Sports jacket aviators here comes Rixe
Looking like he's starving from the way he's eyeing these chicks
Prophecy's next always dressed so fresh
We form the four hoodlums so let the chaos commence

Posted up back patio at the bar
and all the patrons are staring like they know who we are
which ain't that uncommon except we usually know the viewers
but now we're being observed like we come from the sewers

Could it be the tattoos nah they got tats too
a chick I went to school with and a table full of fat dudes
Every social grouping staring like they know our names
substance dissipates only our image remains

The statement is null so I say goodbye

By myself alone when the sentence is full so I say goodbye

By myself alone so I say goodbye